About YMTE

Hey, love! My name is Ashli. I'm the creator of You're More Than Enough ® (YMTE), the global brand that will forever remind others of their worth.

Picture this: 2020. The pandemic. The global lockdown. I had some situations in my life that needed to end. It's funny because you can reasonably do everything right, and someone will find a way to make it seem like you're the person completely in the wrong. And I spent time wondering where I went wrong: 

[Why did I not get the same love, and loyalty that I have given others; why don't I deserve the same respect? Am I not worthy of all these things?]

Then I spent time with myself to learn all about me - my desires, my boundaries, my likes and dislikes. I practiced (and still do!) self-care each day. But one day, I woke up and realized that there's nothing wrong with me! And I'm not just enough! I'm More Than Enough. Whoever can't handle just how much of enough I am, they are welcome to leave me be and to go find less

Guess what? I created this brand so that you would know that You're More Than Enough also! And those very same people who can't handle how much of enough you are, they're welcome to go find less also! By choosing this brand, you are choosing you! I chose me back in 2020, and I'll never go back. Let this brand be a constant reminder of your worth. No one is qualified to discount that - you determine your worth and your value. I pray that when you wear this brand, you realize just how valuable you are, and you safeguard your value in love, and with love.

I love you! You're More Than Enough,

- Ashli